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Domino's boat, a Buehler Turbocraft, was seen at the start of the Bahamas sequence after Bond helps Domino free of coral - they both come ashore in it.

The boat also featured in the deleted sequence when Bond, after being offered to be shown around by Largo, boards the Disco Volante.

The boat is also in the water at Love Beach when Bond and Domino are attacked by Vargas. And just after it is seen in the background when Bond swims up to the breakwater.

Domino is also seen boarding the Disco Volante from it (at night), carrying the camera geiger counter.

After 8 years in a field, and after finding out it was Domino's boat used in 'Thunderball', James and Tamera Stewart with Sam Smith of Oklahoma were restoring the boat.

Motor before teardown and cleaning Motor cover
Underside rear after first coat of paint and first wet sand

September 2008 update:

Fibreglass work done - primed and ready for painting
Ready to be buffed and flipped over
Ready to be buffed and flipped over